Compassionate Psychological Care 


    If you need a warm and supportive place where you can feel safe, while you walk along your path of discovery and change, you have come to the right place.



Wanting to achieve your potential and get the most out of life?

Like to regain self-confidence and be the person you would like to be?

Like to make your relationship work better for both you and your partner?

Hope that daily life at home can run smoother?

Looking for strategies to manage stress levels at work, school, or home?

     I have an empathic, supportive style and approach life from a systems perspective.  I value the interconnections and potential influence from our past, our current family, friends, and work environment, and also consider how our expectations of our future impact our current behavior and well being.  

     I am receptive to where you are, though I will gently challenge you to look at things differently and try new solutions.   

     I am a colleague, who listens, provides suggestions for improvement, and works to support you throughout our sessions.  I frequently use cognitive-behavioral techniques to develop a healthier outlook or to shape more effective behavior.  A psychodynamic or gestalt focus are also useful in exploring the impact of our relatedness with others and how we can change our interactions to be more satisfying.  I enjoy engaging with those from diverse backgrounds or beliefs.    

Welcome on your journey!

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