Payment -

                                 HOW DOES PAYMENT WORK?
You can either pay out-of-pocket yourself or utilize your insurance company.  Some people prefer to pay themselves because it affords them greater privacy, since information is not submitted to an insurance company.  Some insurance companies or EAPs will dictate how many sessions are available or attempt to control the treatment.  If you are using insurance you will also need to have a diagnosis, which can follow you and affect future coverage.  Some do prefer to use their insurance, as it helps defray the cost.  Most of the time insurance companies cover the cost of assessment and therapy, except for a copay, coinsurance, or sometimes a deductible.  Some services such as report write-ups, phone consultations, couples therapy, etc. are typically not covered and require out-of-pocket payment.  
² Some people pay as they go or others find it more convenient to make one monthly payment in advance. 
² Checks or cash are accepted.  Just recently a Paypal option has been added to this website and credit/debit cards can be accepted at the office.  There may be a nominal transaction fee.  Some prefer to set me up as a payee for electronic bank payments.    
² If you miss an appointment, insurance companies will not pay.  This time is set aside for you and your time cannot be ofered to another client.  If you do not cancel within 24-48 hours, you will be expected to pay a $65 missed appointment fee.  If a bill enters collection, there will be an additional recovery fee charged.   
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     If you would like to prepay or pay for sessions with a credit/debit card,      just click the button and you will be directed to PayPal's website, where you can complete a secure transaction.  You do not need to have a PayPal account.